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What We Do

Building A Business is Hard

We Sit Beside You the Whole Way – Your Thought Partner, Coach, & Cheerleader.

Find Opportunity for Outsized Growth

We undertake deep research to identify industries with inefficient digital distribution. What’s broken? Where’s the friction? Why is it still done that way? Can we reimagine the category, the consumer experience, or the business model?
We develop a unique point of view on the opportunity. We interview customers about what’s broken. We study incumbents. We read market research. We mystery shop. We debate our findings and push each others’ thinking.
We create an inspiring vision that makes the future better for everyone. We play for the long-term. To create a billion dollar business, you need to create many multiples of that value for the ecosystem. We make sure we’re solving meaningful problems that make a real difference in the lives of our customers. 

Launch the Venture

We identify best-in-class leaders who are excited about the specific opportunity and the journey to achieve it. We seek out entrepreneurial leaders who have industry experience, deep digital domain expertise, or the business intrinsics to quickly make an impact. Most importantly, we seek people who are passionate about building a team to pursue the opportunity. 
Once we’ve thought big, we zero in on something small. You build businesses one category and one capability at a time. More startups die of indigestion than starvation.
With proof points, we quickly double down to adjacent categories and capabilities — both organically and by acquisition. Once there is a solid operating team and proven model, we pour on fuel to go from 1 to 10. 

Grow and Graduate

We connect leaders with experts who can derisk execution. When a high potential leader was promoted to a stretch COO role, we brought in a Fortune 500 CHRO to coach him. When a CEO wanted to launch Facebook ads, we brought on an advisor who had just sold a Facebook marketing company for 9-figures. 
We expect failures along the way. We’re disappointed if there are too few failures, it means we didn’t take enough shots on goal. When one misses, we move great people onto the next big thing. Nobody likes losing money, but it’s the cost of playing for asymmetric upside. 
We provide thought partnership and roll up our sleeves when asked. We do board meetings, but we’re also happy to make slides for a big customer meeting, log into Google Ads, or role play a difficult conversation. 
We’re open-minded about exits and recaps. We have confidence in our strengths but humility about our limitations. We might sell in year 3; we might hold forever. We want to make sure each business has the right investors and board members to thrive for the long-term. 

Come Aboard

If you’ve got ‘Get After It’ in spades — that unique combination of entrepreneurship, strong ownership, and a desire to get your hands dirty — and are looking for a place to unleash your full potential, you’ve come to the right place.

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