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Our Acquisition Program


  • We won’t waste your time with excessive back-and-forth negotiations.
  • We are committed to a fair deal with straightforward terms.
  • We have a founder-friendly approach and are open to the seller moving on or remaining involved.


  • We are privately owned with no net debt.
  • We are able to provide a full or partial cash out.
  • We have closed on 100% of our signed term sheets.
  • Three Ships’ businesses have acquired 25 websites or digital businesses.


  • We give founders a quick, straightforward path to liquidity.
  • We have an average acquisition time of 14-30 days (versus VC or PE firms’ average of 3-6 months).

Our Criteria


We’re interested in investing in businesses with long-term growth potential, demonstrated profitability, and unique product-market fit.

Winning share in a large and growing market


Healthy and sustainable margins

Unique Advantage

Digital real estate and traffic scale


A high-quality team with a positive culture


In select situations, we’ll invest in under-performing or declining websites that have strong brands but declining revenues or traffic.

Trusted brand


History of authoritative, expert content


Social media, email, and direct traffic


Unique data assets

How It Works

  • 1. Meet with us for an introductory conversation to see if we’re a fit
  • 2. Execute a standard non-disclosure agreement
  • 3. Share info on your key performance indicators, financials, and team
  • 4. If we’re interested, you’ll receive an offer within 5 business days
  • 5. We’ll work with your team on additional due diligence if necessary
  • 6. We’ll close the deal within 2-4 weeks
Three Ships are straightforward buyers that know how to handle an M&A deal fast and effectively. Their Due Diligence process is fast, their offer was transparent (all cash), and the conclusion of the deal was also satisfying – contract was formed, approved and signed in record time. We got our money fast, and the handover was hassle free. With Three Ships, I felt like I am working with fellow professionals.”

Alon Rajic

Review Home Warranties

We got to know Three Ships more than a year and a half before we were looking to sell our mattress review portfolio. When we were ready, we found them highly responsive, fair, and true to their word. Despite the COVID-19 pause to debt markets in April of 2020, we went from signed term sheet to closed deal in a month with no games and no hiccups. They have done a great job integrating our business and we’re pleased that we exited and even more pleased we rolled equity forward. Any seller should put them at the top of the list.”

Kenny Kline

JAKK Media

When we were ready for the next chapter of EcoWatch, Three Ships emerged as the best buyer. They paid all cash, closed quickly, and honored their commitments to us.”

EcoWatch Principals